Our Alternative Payments page allows customers who do not have a Valid US approved Credit Card to conveniently shop whatever there hearts desire on there favorite sites directly from the Island. Only by following a few simple steps to complete your order.

  1. Find product(s) on required site(s)
  2. Use the form on the alternative payment page to inform us on the purchase of product(s) being shipped and/or purchased using our companies Valid US Credit Card.
  3. A Smart Shopping JA representative will then contact you with the required amount to be paid either at one of our store location, or direct deposit into our (National Commercial Bank) NCB US account for payment finalization on your item(s).
  4. Direct Deposit Account information will also be provided for direct deposit into NCB account for security reasons.
  5. Upon completion of customer direct deposit transactions, one of our expert sale adviser will finalize the purchase of item(s)
  6. Once items have been purchased a receipt will be provided to you with all the order information.
  7. Process completed Until Items have arrived on the Island for delivery.
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